Community Ruels.

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Community Ruels.

Post by Jason Anderson on Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:59 am

Wanna grow our community?

  1. Visit this page here [ Grow the community ]
  2. Select Community+ or Community++  
  3. Process payment.
  4. And then make your site 
  5. add it to the community !

Community name ! 

  • Your Website will be automatic removed off the list and will not be processed if the

name contains bad language. Your website must be clean. so swearing and no pornographic.

Posting in our the forums.

  1. Don't spam our forums 
  2. Don't swear in our forums.
  3. Be nice and respectful to our members. no swearing, if you have problems with them please let us know.
  4. Don't advertise in our forums.
  5. Don't pretend to be something you ain't 
  6. This section "Genius-Community" is a 24/7 moderated section and don't talk about anything that's not about Genius-Community. If you have something to talk about that's in a outher service thats connected on genius-community please discuss it in their section. not here.
  7. We have a OFF-TOPIC section for those who wants to talk about anything they please that's not swearing , pornographic and etc... 

Ban section.

  1. If you're banned it's because of a reason. we don't ban user for no reasons.
  2. We don't release bans because when you're banned cannot go back or release it.
  3. WE might release it if you have a really good vaild reason and promise that what-ever you did to get banned will nolonger happen again.

You'll be given a warning.
You'll be banned 1 day
You'll be banned 3 days
You'll be permanently banned and/or account removal

Polls and voting system.
You're not allowed to open any poll system without premission. please request premission from a administrator if you wish to open a poll system.
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